A former elite athlete and ex-academic researcher in psychology, Sean is an expert in High Performance mindsets and the application to excellence in teams, leaders, and individuals in business and professional sport. Sean is also an accredited mentor in the Thought Leaders Global organization – committed to helping clever people and businesses to be commercially smart.

Sean is passionate about coaching, training and mentoring people and teams to get the best out of themselves at the highest levels of performance. Sean is also obsessed with understanding the things that stop people and how to help them move through such challenges with resilient mindsets. Combining an understanding of brain science and function with experience in training sports and corporate teams to competitive dominance, Sean facilitates high performance leadership development and staff productivity, to get your team communicating and collaborating effectively, executing with maximum accountability, and achieving both individual and organizational goals. Sean mentors individuals & leaders to build their own brand of personal high performance excellence, and to be effective in leading teams to success.

Combining 30 years as an athlete in competitive sports with a PhD in psychology, and 10 years in practice with some of the best performers on the planet, Sean has found that the principles of mental discipline required for performance at the highest levels in sport apply similarly to high performance in business and in life.

Check me out at www.seanorichardson.com.au


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